Fundraising Dinner Photos

Brother Rodwan Saleh, Former President of ISGH, speaks in front of a crowd.
Brother Rodwan Saleh motivates the people of the masjid to donate generously to support Quran Academy.
Qari Abdul Aowl talked about the successes of Quran Academy and why the local Muslim population should help it out.
Islamic calligraphy and paintings was auctioned off help raise money for Quran Academy.
Masjid Arafat’s Bookstore was open during the fundrais to the money from this fundraiser, held to celebrate the third  purchase useful Islamic goods.







The fundraising dinner was held on May 30th, and was a huge success, Allahumdillah. The money raised from this fundraiser would go directly towards supporting “Quran Academy”, Masjid Arafat’s full-time Islamic school. Thank you for your generous support!