Masjid Arafat expanded the Quran Academy program to include daily and weekend classes. We placed new carpet in our masjid as well.

We added fish, quails, and ducks to our lake.


Masjid Arafat continued to expand its Quran Academy program, while also relying on the help of its ever-growing list of volunteers. Thanks to generous donations, Masjid Arafat was able to expand the parking lot on the southside of the masjid and build the “Five Pillars of Islam” water fountain.


Masjid Arafat, in response to community input, has established a Yearly Iqama Schedule so that people would be able to know what are the current Salah times. This system replaced the “ad-hoc” meetings after Isha that was used to determine Salah times for the next few weeks. The ‘yearly Iqama schedule’ had already been used effectively in several masjids, including Masjid A’Ala.

Masjid Arafat also launched a new campaign for donations, with the expressed purpose of building an outdoors Wudu facility, to make it easy for people to do Wudu.

Dar ul Uloom USA expanded its “Local Muslim Business” directory, and established a new website: MuslimShopping.com. Income generated from this website will go towards helping out both Masjid Arafat and Masjid A’Ala.

On May 30th, Dar Ul Uloom USA held a fundraising dinner to raise money for its full-time Islamic school (“Quran Academy”). The guest speaker was Brother Rodwan Saleh, the past President of ISGH. Over 200 people attended this dinner. The fundraising dinner was deemed a success, in spite of heavy rain and other programs in Houston scheduled on that day. You may view photographs of this fundraising dinner here.


On January 18th, Masjid Arafat held its first dental open clinic for the Muslim community in Sugarland. 20 people attended the clinic and the dentist work done at that clinic is valued at ~$20,000.

Dar ul Uloom USA also started the process of providing other services to the Muslim community, such as advertising (“Local Muslim Businesses”), Muslim matchmaking (“Shaadi”), and a foster care program for Muslim children.

Volunteers within the Muslim community also began offering their own programs at Masjid Arafat (as detailed in “Weekly Activities”) including regular Tasfeer sessions and Taleem sessions.

In February, Masjid Arafat installed its own tube well, becoming the first masjid in the Houston area to be able to pump its own water. Not only will this measure save the masjid money, but it will also enable the masjid to establish a small fishing pond in the future.

On July 25th 2014, Masjid Arafat hosted a Khatm-e-Quran, and successfully raised  enough money to pay its expenses, expand our parking lot again, and build a full-time Hifz program to complement our existing full-time educational programs.

By the end of the year, the foster care program for Muslim children had successfully been approved by the Texas government. 6 orphans were now being taken care of.


Dar-ul-Uloom USA began a fundraising drive to raise money to expand the parking lot of its masjid. Its fundraising campaign called on people to “sponsor a spot” for only $300. Dar-ul-Uloom would later host a fundraising dinner on July 21st on this issue. Thanks to generous donations, Dar-ul-Uloom successfully expanded the parking lot twice.

Dar-ul-Uloom USA also hosted its second Khatm-e-Quran on August 16th, and Eid ul Fitr prayers on August 19th.

On October 20th, the organization also hosted its highest profile guest speaker yet to date, Lauren Booth.

In November 2013, Dar-ul-Uloom USA decided to rename this Mosque. After some deliberation, the organization settled on the new name: “Masjid Arafat”.


On January 1st, Dar-Ul-Uloom USA began offering classes to the Muslim community. The organization also hosted its first guest speaker, Shaikh Omar Suleiman, on Februrary 4th. On March 17th, the Mosque was officially inaugurated and opened for regular 5 daily prayers.

Dar-Ul-Uloom also started providing “will services” to the Muslim community on June 24th 2012.

Dar-Ul-Uloom also successfully hosted its first Khatm-e-Quran and Eid Prayers.


Several Muslim businessmen, concerned about the future of the Muslim community, had the unique opportunity to buy a Church and to convert it into a full-time Islamic School/Mosque. This Mosque would be placed under the control of an organization called “Dar-Ul-Uloom USA”.

The church was bought in December 2011. The conversion was completed by the end of the year.