Other Services

Dar ul Uloom USA had originally focused on two things: Masjid Arafat and its Islamic School. By 2014, though, the community needed more. So DUUSA started providing additional services to the Sugar Land community.

Will Service -helping people to create their own Islamic wills. We offer a free online template for creating your own Islamic will, while also providing Testators to help you implement this will.

MuslimShopping.com – a website that promotes nearby Muslim businesses within the Sugar Land community

Muslim Matchmaking (Shaadi) – helping Muslims get married

Foster Care Service – an orphanage service that is approved by by the Texas government. Two buildings are already secured for this service. If you know of any Muslim children who needs to be placed in a foster home and be in a Muslim environment, please call 281-495-1916.

Counseling FAQ – We provide counseling to everybody. Here, you can find info about how to request for counseling, as well as some recent “frequently asked questions” about real-world problems.