Weekly Activities

Mushawra – Every day, after Fajr, 5 minutes in length
–The “Taleem”, Joyla, and Joyla Bayan are coordinated and organized during this meeting.

Taleem (reading of a few Hadiths) – Every day, after Isa
–These short hadiths conveys valuable lessons that can be implemented in our day-to-day life.

Joyla – Thursday, between Asr and Magrib
–People travel to different Muslim houses throughout the Houston community to act as a reminder.

Joyla Bayan- Thursday, after Magrib
–This short speech about Deen and Yaqeen reminds us about the need to worship Allah (swt) and to convey the message of Islam to other people.

“Three Days For The Path of Allah”, every Third Friday
–People from Masjid Arafat leave to Standcliff Park Apartments to study Islam and to deliver reminders about Islam to others. They study for three days in a masjid specifically located in those Apartments.

Bookstore Event – Friday, at Jummah
–These books help to educate a Muslim on the proper way of following Islam and spreading it to others. You can browse through the inventory and ask the operator for further information.

Hifz Program For Women – Friday, from Magrib to Isha
–This class is a great way to people to learn the Quran.

Sister To Sister, every Second Saturday, at 11:00 AM
–For seniors only! A Muslim sister will help fellow senior Muslims learn how to exercise and be active. This is a great event to allow senior sisters to meet with each other.

Morning Dars  – Saturday and Sunday, After Fajr.
—A very important lesson will be taught at this session. Breakfast will be provided after the lesson.

Zuhr Dars – Sunday, After Zuhr
—A very important lesson will be taught at this session. 

Cooking Class For The Youth – Sunday, 11:00 AM
—A fun event that will help our youth learn valuable life skills.